The Slocan Valley is not only marvelously beautiful, but is also blessed with a farming tradition and many dedicated local food producers.  Our Hot Lunch program features these farmers’ crops and our own, school-grown micro-greens in delicious, nutritious, twice-weekly hot meals with a salad bar for students and staff.

A big plus this year was the acquisition of a second-hand micro-green growing set up for a great price.  The fourth to sixth grade classes are finding it easy to grow enough micro-greens to feed the Hot Lunch program through the winter when local greens are hard to source.

Students and community volunteers assist the cooks in the kitchen on hot lunch preparation.  As well, teachers and students volunteer in the nearby Food Bank garden to plant and harvest veggies for the lunches.

The hot entrees or soups and the salad bar are greatly appreciated by students and other eaters.  Seconds or even thirds at the salad bar is the norm!  We look forward to ever more local content in our menus, and to contributing to the already excellent local food culture.