Hazelton Secondary School has been busy growing and eating fresh greens this fall thanks to the Farm to School grant. We purchased a Tower Garden (aeroponic), a Garden Tower (vermicomposting), and an LED stack n grow light system.

Student inserting plants

Foods Studies students built the towers and then started seedlings in the stack n grow system. We then transferred them to the aeroponic system and watched them grow and grow and grow, fairly quickly.

Students have been attentive to the needs of the plants and interested in the system that allows us to grow food right in our classroom. Discussions around healthy food choices, food security, and the economics of food are now a regular occurrence.   Students and teacher particularly enjoy treating people to the very spicy arugula. The greens and the bright lights attract regular attention from staff, students, and visitors.

Full tower garden

We have since made salads for the class and the school population.  Science classes have come to visit to discuss photosynthesis and a PE class have come back for not 2nds but 3rds, as they snack on fresh leafy greens and discuss the importance of a healthy diet in fitness. In the new year we look forward to growing new things in the Tower Garden, starting the vermicompost tower, and continuing to expand the program to provide healthy greens to the Foods program & School Cafeteria.

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