Hello Farm to School BC Grant Recipients:

It’s time to share what you’ve learned and accomplished to date in bringing local food, hands-on learning and community connections into your schools. These stories will eventually be featured on the Farm to School BC website, so you will be able to easily link to your story in social media, newsletters and other communications with your school and community (including potential future funders of your work).

Key Dates

Your final story report will be due on Friday June 22, 2018


Watch the video on how to submit your story HERE.


  1. Story Telling Report w/ Photo Consent Form(s)

Story Telling Report

We are using the trubox platform again this year. As a reminder, a good first step towards telling your story will be to go back to the program plan that inspired us to invest in your school. Take some time with your team to reflect on what you planned to do and what actually happened. When plans meet opportunities and limitations, things change. Reflect and share stories with your team to get inspired!

Story Criteria

  • Maximum of 750 words
  • Include at least four high-quality photos of students engaged in their program. You will need to scan and send signed consent forms to the our Community Animator (nanaimonorthregion@farmtoschoolbc.ca).
  • If you have any audio-visual material relevant to your school’s work with Farm to School BC, feel free to include them as well.

How to use Trubox:

  1. Visit: http://trubox.farmtoschoolbc.ca/
  2. Click on “Progress Report” at the top. You’ll be directed to a template where you can share you story. These are the fields to fill-in:
  • Title (choose something catchy)
  • How to list Author: List your school name and your community (e.g., Barriere Elementary, Barriere, BC)
  • Article Text:This is where you’ll write your story and upload 4 high quality photos. We recommend that you compose and save your text in Word or Google Docs then cut and paste the text to Trubox.
  • Additional Information: As needed
  • Header Image:You can add a custom image if you like or leave the default image as it is.
  • Tags: Leave blank.
  • Your Email Address: Please provide your email.
  • Extra Information for Editors: As needed


  1. Once complete, click “Save Draft”. Then, scroll to the top of the template. Click on “Preview” (which opens a new window) to inspect that everything is complete. Once you are satisfied, return to the original and click “Publish Final”.


Here are questions you may wish to address in your story:

  1. What are your proud accomplishments? Think about your students’ learning, the relationships you’ve formed, or local food you’ve enjoyed together.
  2. What challenges were there and how did you address it? Revitalizing our local food systems and changing our school food culture can be hard work. We know there are challenges. Let’s share and learn from them.
  3. How did Farm to School make a difference in your school and/or community?
  4. We’d love to hear about how many students are involved, examples of student leadership, what partners are you working with (i.e. community organizations, local business, farmers, health authority, others), and how much local food are you purchasing and/or growing.


Progress Report Criteria:

In conclusion, to complete your Progress report:

1)     Share your story with photos at http://trubox.farmtoschoolbc.ca/write/

2)     Submit your signed photo consent forms by email to nanaimonorthregion@farmtoschoolbc.ca (Marcus Lobb)


  1. What if I publish on Trubox and notice a mistake afterwards?

Email: prov.manager@farmtoschoolbc.ca (Richard Han)


Thanks and we look forward to your stories!