We want students to interact with our garden, by playing in our garden, learning in our garden and eating from it’s bounty !

Grade 6’s are happy to go outside spread wood  chips!


The goal of our Farm to School Grant was to update and expand our current school garden to make it more student friendly and sustainable.


New Garden Beds and flower tubs:

We started by removing the old dead turf with the plan of putting in wood chips instead. This change allows us to add additional garden beds including some fun colourful tubs for flowers. We added a potato bed that will allow three layers of potatoes to be planted for maximum yield. This will be great for our annual fall harvest soup that feeds the whole school. We also added a perennial herb garden that will produce enough herbs to allow student to nibble and taste the herbs when they are outside playing and herbs to dehydrate and package. The dried herbs will be sold at our local Seedy Saturday and the funds will be used to purchase new seeds for our garden each year. The new garden beds were built by grade 8 students from Clearwater Secondary School in their woodworking shop.

New watering system: 

Our old watering system blocked off access around the garden beds. Our new system is a combination of underground connections and a drip system that incorporates our new garden beds and flower tubs. It can easily be added on to.  Grade 3 students helped dig the trenches for the new system.

A huge load of wood chips!

It takes a community to raise a garden!

Soil for our new garden beds was donated by a local contractor. Wood chips were donated by our local Canfor mill and delivered by a local contractor.


 Soil for our new garden beds