The students of Begbie View Elementary have been keeping busy this spring! Several classrooms have taken part in our new microgreens program. We have captured the interest of some of our youngest students, to some of our support staff.  The children had many questions about the process of growing the microgreens, and learned first-hand how we can grow nutritious food indoors!



Over the last few weeks we have watched our microgreens grow. We have planted, cared for, and harvested a few batches so far. With teamwork and cooperation, we were able to deliver microgreens to staff and students in our school community. We had microgreens for breakfast, snack, and lunch!


Most recently we delivered some of our microgreens to the community food bank! They were very pleased with our generous donation, and we had fun doing something kind for our community! We cannot wait to see how we can expand our program for next year!!