The days at our school continue to be as varied as they are rich. This year our students have really taken to learning more about horses. Every Friday they get a chance to practice communicating with the horses they learn to ride. It is an important part of forming a positive relationship with these wonderful animals.


As the spring season came around, we got the opportunity to prepare our beds by adding compost to them. Soon after, it was time to plant seeds. While digging holes, we found some tiny friends already hard at work replenishing the soil with new nutrients!


Realizing that our plants would need pollinators to help them produce their fruit, we created new boxes for our bee hives! We painted each box with unique patters and images so that each bee knew which home was theirs.

Most recently, we witnessed the plants that we seeded grow to maturity. To celebrate the success of our garden and the learning of our students, we held a harvest pot luck. Each student helped to harvest a variety of radishes, kale, lettuce, mustard greens, peas, and beats. Together we made a massive salad bar and invited the families of our students to join us in enjoying the food we worked hard to grow. With bellies full, we expressed our gratitude and looked forward to fall when we will once again celebrate another harvest after a long beautiful summer.