Our salad bar provides so much more than just salad.  Not only do we serve fresh, crisp salads, but we also use the salad bar to create mouth-watering meals such as tostadas, greek rice bowls, falafel bowls and tacos.

Cafeteria students prepare the fresh toppings: romaine, cilantro, corn, tomatoes, beans, roasted chicken, and more. Hungry students get to become creative and hands-on when preparing their lunch.  They get to take control of the healthy choices they can add to many of the meals served from the Cafeteria. There is an excitement in the air when they see the salad bar.  Many students and staff come to check out the vibrant colours and flavours that are offered.

Last spring we started planting in our school garden, but unfortunately, other people have helped themselves to the food that was growing.  They took both the spring harvest and the summer harvest and left us with nothing to use.  We are planning to switch gears and hopefully start up an indoor garden to help provide food for the Salad bar in the future.